Burdock Seed Extract

Burdock Seed Extract

Latin Name: Fructus Arctii Appearance: Brown fine powder CAS No: 20362-31-6 Molecular Formula: C27H34O11 Molecular Weight: 534.552 Specification: 5:1,10:1,Arctiin: 10%,20%,40%
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Basic Information
Latin NameFructus ArctiiAppearanceBrown fine powder
CAS No20362-31-6Molecular FormulaC27H34O11
Molecular Weight534.552Specification

: 5:1,10:1,Arctiin: 10%,20%,40%                      

Main Function
1.Anti-tumor effect,Burdock seed P.E powder have anticancer activity;
2.Burdock contains antibacterial ingredients, the main anti-staphylococcus aureus;
3.Anti-nephritis activity, it has effective treatment of acute nephritis and chronic glomerulonephritis;
4.Promote bowel movements, lower cholesterol, reduce toxins and waste accumulation in the body, prevent and treat functional constipation;
5.Burdock seed P.E contains inulin, the water extract significantly reduced blood glucose in long time, increased the amount of carbohydrate tolerance.

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